September 2017

Ahh, September! What is it about this month that fills you with that refreshing feeling like it’s the 1st of January again? Well, that’s my feeling at least. Perhaps it’s the change of weather. Or, the back-to-school season that I get all wrapped up in, but, I love it. Nothing motivates me more than when September starts and I pick up a new 17-month agenda and coordinating pen.

And, yes, I understand that for most people it is the end of the summer and back to the hustle and bustle of school or work. But who says the excitement has to go out with the warm weather? There is so much to enjoy 365 days of the year. Maybe I’m biased since this is my favourite season but can you blame me? It is the beginning of sweater weather, school supplies, fall leaves, and do I really need to go on? I’ve even gone ahead and made my monthly to do list, which I hope can be a bit of inspiration for you all. Some of which you can look forward to seeing featured here on the blog:

• Make a fall floral arrangement

• Pick up some “school” supplies

• Take advantage of the last of the seasonal produce by visiting the West Broadway Farmers Market (September 6-13)

• Make pumpkin scented candles

• Visit the Thin Air Book Sale at the Forks (September 8-10)

• Pick up a fall issue of Vogue

• Do some baking

• Nuit Blanche (September 30)

• Plan out fall wardrobe

• Collect fall leaves & pine cones

I can assure you, if you follow alongside me this month, you will have a newfound admiration for this season (if you haven’t already) and have plenty to keep you busy this month. For now, let’s enjoy the gorgeous overlap of summer & fall and all it has to offer. 


Genevieve Marguerite



Image curtesy of: (artist: KelseyGarrityRiley)

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