Growing up, I had an unusual interest for design, cooking, and lifestyle for an elementary school aged child. I kid you not, I watched HGTV and read Martha Stewart’s Living magazine. But, looking back now, I am happy I found out what I love early in life because it made creating this blog a no brainer. I love writing, I love design, and I am a perfectionist. All jokes aside, I am ecstatic that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone (with some gentle encouragement of my loved ones and friends) because I feel as though this is right where I belong.

With no further adieu, my name is Geneviève I am an aspiring interior designer, writer, and now blogger. I hope all that visit this site will enjoy what they see and relate to the things I share and am passionate about. The focus of this blog is lifestyle. It is directed towards those other perfectionists out there as well as any other young adults who are looking for a bit of insight and inspiration in their lives.

Oh, and feel free to contact me at anytime, as I would love to hear from all of you! 


Geneviève Marguerite